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I started this blog in hope of improving my appearance but still healthy, yes I may sounds vanity but that was I want, I love all beauty, pampering and everything that connects with fashion and style. Although I already have other blog, I took the risk to set up again another one in the name of vanity, to post all the style inspiration that I know and products that I used and loved, to help me boost my confidence and enhance the beauty out of myself.

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By the way I am Chrisair that's my nickname, already married to a wonderful man and a mom to my smart son, I am now on 30's (lol, I don't want to spill out my true age cause I hate aging, maybe that's a good reason also why they often mistaken that I am just in teens). I love to read and research more to get updated in every knowledge that makes me interest of. And I write both for passion and earning online. This is what I used to do in my spare time after I have done all the errands around our home. And though English language is not my mother tongue I try my best to write fluently in English but please spare me if you found some grammatical errors and spelling on this blogs. 

Please have fun reading my blog, don't forget to contact me for any feedback and suggestions, and I always try to reply as soon as I receive a mail. You can also follow me on twitter:
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  1. Hi Chris! You're there na pala and why on earth na ngayon ko lang naisipan na basahin ang about page.

    na-inspire tuloy ako magpaka-kikay this time. and don't worry about the grammar ( ako rin mas malala), I think it's important, but not as important of your intention, delivery, and great content. Mabuhay!