Monday, February 27, 2017


long term goal weightloss

Many of us wanted to lose weight and not only losing it but also to lose weight fast. I for example wanted to lose weight in just a short amount of time by punishing myself with rigorous workout exercises or depriving myself to eat my favorite meal. Oftentimes these measures only lead for short term goals. I seldom see my friends that they lose weight in such a short time and maintain it for a longer time. If you are like me having an ordinary sedentary lifestyle chances of weight gain every year is larger than weight loss. In short long term weight loss and maintain it is not for impatient people, it will take time to see result and in the course of it, you will frustrate, regret or eventually give up with it. Good news is if you endure it for a longer time, with diligence and perseverance the goal for weight loss will be yours.  

But how long it is to see the results? Usually I’ve seen people lose weight with success is 1 year to maximum of 5 years. I have been losing weight fast with maximum of only 3 months but failed and gain it back again because of lack in discipline or not care at all, thinking I can lose it again with success but fail in second attempt. So be patient if you already hit your plateaus don’t discourage because it is part of losing weight once you give up on your plateaus you will never be successful.

Here are some tips I find in Pinterest for a longer terms of weight loss.

1.       Sleep early and get up early from bed. Resting can burn calories without taking in calories in our body and by getting up early we add some hours of movement to our bodies that can burn calories.

2.       Drink more water and avoid sugary drinks, remember water has no calories, it has no taste at all but can fulfill our stomach.

3.       Move more than your usual every day movement. Taking stairs, walk, throw some punches or jog in place. Every movement we make is a burning of calories that even when we sleep we burn off calories. Remember 3500 calories is equal to 1 pound of our weight, so keep moving whenever and whatever.

4.       Add green tea to your diet which is easy to make and available already in our pantry.

5.       Mind what you eat and do not take more than your calories burning expenditure. If your BMR allows you 1600 calories a day then just eat only within your limit. I know that you will always go extra of your limit, if it happens burn it by moving like exercise or chores.

6.       Eat healthy, if you didn’t, eat healthy on the next day. Most people stop just because they pig out in an occasion, I’ll tell you it’s okay because you can eat healthy after the celebration. You can’t always perfect your diet but don’t quit just because of 1 day fail.

7.       Dedicate some time for exercise, workout or resistance workout. You can never exercise everyday but twice or thrice is enough to be on track.

Overall tasteless and bland food helps you lose weight and it is not fast because it will take you some time losing the weight off. Also exercise is a great factor if not doable a simple chores will help you on your goal but do not limit yourself because without discipline or simply giving up will take you in nowhere but eventually weight gain. Remember it’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up.


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