Thursday, January 21, 2016

Update, Reset and New Life

Hi guys, I just got all my password retrieved in my newly formatted laptop that I lost all my save password to all my social media including this blog. So what is the best thing to do once I got my entire password back, open and write some blog post.  By the way I am already living here in Doha, Qatar and I am glad that I am already used with it especially the weather, transportation and the food. All the food here in Qatar are all delicious and very savoury with all the flavors, spice and variety of meat of course except for pork and I love it. Anyone who will live here will gain weight because of their food so I should be more careful about it, and hopefully my workout will cover it for me. Anyway I just also received my college rings along with all the documents I need for a certain job and I am so happy that admin in my school ship it for me. Well that’s it you will see more update now from now on, unless my laptop go crazy again with lot’s of virus.  


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