Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Prayer to Help Us Not to Overeat


If all fails for you and couldn't help yourself to overeat especially if all the foods are laid in front of you for you to indulge freely. Then this powerful prayers will help you to resist to eat more. Food is given to us by God to be eaten but we should be all wary that there are also others that needs the food and we should share it to our brothers and sisters. Greedy and gluttony are bad and may affect our health both physical, emotional and social, so before you start eating stop and say this short but powerful prayer to help you not to overeat. 

Dear God, 
Right now, I surrender to You
my temptation to binge, 
to rebel, to misuse the food
You've blessed me with. 
Fill me instead
with Your Spirit and grace
and grant me the power
and will to STOP indulging
when I am no longer hungry. 
Thank You that, by Your Spirit, within me, 
I have the ability to resist
the urge to overeat today. Amen.


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