Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lime or Lemon to Treat Dark Spot on Skin (Age Spots)


There are so-called age spots (dark spots on the skin) that appear when we get older. Others may get dark elbow and armpit due to excessive frictions. But don’t worry a well known dermatologist in the Philippines Dr. Katty Go advice to do this to lessen the dark spot or vanish it in the long run. And it is very simple and economical that you can actually found in your kitchen without breaking your budget.

Apply a mixture of water with lime or lemon juice every day. (3 parts of water and 1 part lime)

Do this every night before washing your face and leave it for about 3 minutes.

Be careful not to exceed the minimum time or it might break the skin because of its acidic effect. You need to wait up to 2 months to see its results.

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