Sunday, January 11, 2015

30 Day Shred Level 1 Day 5: Gaining Strength and Gaining Weight Too

Hi guys here’s the update of my “30 Day Shred Level 1” and I think it’s getting better because I feel I’m gaining some strength and the circuits became easier with me now than day 1 to day 3, although there’s still pain and soreness but it is tolerable. I also feel that I began to develop my endurance especially in the squat position and jumping rope which I find the hardest part in the Level 1. 

I also noticed that I dropped 1 kg when I stepped in the scale this morning having 52 kg but the bad news is I also attend a christening party today where food is present and I give myself in. And tonight I stepped in the scale and it gives me a hooping of 60 kg (paanong nangyari yun).  

Well, hopefully it’s just a water weight because I drink a lot of water after my 30 Day Shred workout. I can’t wait to reach my Level 2 and I will continue to update you all guys, wishing to hit that 50 number in my scale. (#BalikAlindogPaMore)


  1. uy thanks for sharing this ha, actually sa iyo ko lang nalaman na meron palang 30 day shred vid sa YT, try ko ito tom, feeling ko kahit anung aerobics at workout ko walang talab sa akin

  2. weee I'm starting today