Thursday, January 8, 2015

30 Day Shred Level 1 Day 1 & Day 2: My Review and Feedback

Jillian Michaels, 30 Day Shred
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In quest to level up my work out from following an app in my mobile doing abs/ arm and from attending aerobics in my place I tried the “30 Day Shred Program of Jillian Michaels having 3 levels to be perform with 10 day each (not sure if you need to rest after one another but me I need some rest lol). I am aiming to hit 50 kg this year but it seems no matter what I did it didn't get any better from my 53 to 55 kg current scale (malapit na eh konting konti na lang, kaso ang hirap nyang abutin).

And I almost gave up after Day 1 of level 1 I feel so sore and it’s hard for me to walk normally and all my muscles in my arms are swelling and in pain. I even try to delete the history of my internet to delete the YouTube video of 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels (lol). Then I keep on thinking if I quit now there is nothing for me to accomplish and maybe I cannot meet my goal of 50 kg which is kinda depressing for the whole year if that happen.

And today I look again at YouTube and start doing the program though this time I followed the beginner trainer (I think her name is Anita where she only performed low impact of the program) also I stop when I need a little rest then go back after I recovered.

It’s hard the first time I do it but I guess this program is working because my arms and thighs are all sore which I think it is starting to work in my body. And on Day 2 the pain is much lesser than the Day 1, all I have to do now is to keep on pushing myself and looking forward to finish the 10 days of level 1. I am pretty sure that each time I do it, the pain will suddenly subside until it is tolerable. 

If you want to follow also this program you may watch this video below from BeFit where they upload Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred Level 1. I haven’t look for the Level 2 yet and I’m scare that it will overwhelm me or intimidate me somehow but I will in the future.

Note: Just a little warning if this is your first time to do the 30 day shred program make sure that you finish the whole video because if you stop in the middle of the workout video you might miss the stretching that your body needs to prevent some injuries and sores too (because I stop in the 16 minute video of it in Day 1... yeah I am a fool, and it's super hurts the next day). 


  1. sabayan nga kita sa pagpapapayat

  2. wow thanks for sharing, u know we guys also hate it to have a bigger tummy, I think I will do this first then proceed to insanity workout after 30 days I hope I can finish it as well

  3. hi I am amaze with your blog and actually had the courage to do this, day 1 and it really sucks and hurts