Monday, December 8, 2014

Recent Makeup Purchases in Watson

watson make up

Hi guys it’s been a while since I posted here and it’s also been awhile since the last time that I bought beauty products in Watson. The reason that I bought this item is maybe I need some replacement to my current beauty product or maybe I get excited that finally there’s a new SM mall near in my place here in Cabanatuan City.

So without further ado here’s the list of what I bought:

careline magic lipstick

Careline Magic Lipstick in Swag

This magic lipstick comes with vitamin e in it. The color will be from pinkish to bright red and its very moisturizing on lips. I bought this so I can use it as a base of any lipstick that I use. Hoping it can be a back-up color when my lipstick color on top comes off during drinking or eating. 
Price is Php 75.00

ever bilena pencil liner

Ever Bilena color pencil in black

Its weird that this pencil doesn't have any description whether it is for eyeliner of for eyebrow lining (nag-rely na lang ako sa saleslady i am looking for eyeliner kasi and at the same time for tightener). I plan to practice to draw a line over my eyelash but I guess I will never learn how, so its a waste for me.
Price is Php 65.00

nichido eyebrow gel

Nichido eyebrow gel

I thought that this this is a clear mascara when I pick it up not until I got home that it was for eyebrow and not for eyelash. Anyway I did buy this to make a DIY for eyebrow mascara which is kinda coincident somehow hehehe. I plan to put some color of dark eyeshadow to make it eyebrow mascara.
Price is Php 65.00

Marionnaud N 38 Slanted eyeline & eyebrows double side brush

Marionnaud N 38 Slanted eyeline & eyebrows double side brush

Finally I find this brush for my bushy brows. I also use this to brush to comb my eyelash when it clumps with thickened mascara. 
Price is Php 59.75 

IN2IT Lash Extra Mascara in MLX 01 very black fibre

IN2IT Lash Extra Mascara in MLX 01 very black fibre

This one is just a sudden purchase (alam nio ung gusto mo lang magtry ng trial and you like the result tapos there's a voice in your head that you need to buy it). I love the result when I try it and according to packaging it has a nylon fibre mascara to build volume and significantly extend eyelashes. I try to combine it with my all time favorite Maybelline Volume express mascara and it was amazing, it looks like I wear falsies. But after buying this unfortunately my maybelline mascara finally give up. I will try to make a review for this so please stay updated here.
Price is Php 299.75

Here's the total amount of my beauty purchace:

1. Careline Magic Lipstick in Swag  - Php 75.00
2. Ever Bilena color pencil in black - Php 65.00
3. Nichido eyebrow gel - Php 65.00
4. Maronnaud N 38 Slanted eyeline & eyebrows double side brush - Php 59.75 
5. IN2IT Lash Extra Mascara in MLX 01 very black fibre - Php 299.75

Total of  Php 564.50

Please let me know your thoughts about this products, some feedback and etc on the comment below. 


  1. I wonder if eyebrow gel really hold hair in eyebrows, i got a very bushy brows and its annoying

    1. Hi! I have bushy eyebrows too and you could trim your eyebrows if it's really that bushy hehe :) I've tried that eyebrow gel, yes it holds but not that long, I think for me it lasted for I 2-3hours lang, you could try elf's treat and tame eyebrow mascara, it lasted for a whole day, well at least for me. :)

  2. I've tried the ever bilena color pencil before, sadly it kinda smudges after a few hours. Not sure if its due to my skin, weather or foundation though. I'm also looking for eyeliners nowadays, I'm really not that good on putting winged liners so I've been trying out some other stuff to practice. Nice post btw, I do like the other things you bought :)