Friday, December 19, 2014

Aiming 50 Kg in 2015

bathroom scale, 50 kg

All I want for Christmas is to lose more weight hehehe, right now I am weighing 52 to 55 kilograms. I put the bracket because every time I weigh myself the result is up and down from that number. But I am hoping that next time I weigh in it will be close to 50 kilogram next year (para mas malapit sa katotohanan). I am really determined since I already lost some weight from my starting of 60 kilogram when I start to lessen my intake calories plus some home work out.

my current frame

Here’s what my usual food in my diet:

1. Sweet potato – has 86 calories per 100 grams and I usually bought 1 kilograms of this which I can consume for almost 2 days (tipid di ba).

2. Hard boiled egg – has an average of 78 calories, but I seldom eat this not only it has higher cholesterol content I sometimes distaste it (nakakasuya, umay, sated)

3. All meat and chicken - no need to explain this aside from its protein content I love it.

4. Pandaysal (for foreign reader it is a Filipino kind of bread called pandesal but has a moringa o malungay leaves which has many benefits in health)

5. Green tea – anti oxidant and helps metabolism to work faster (basta magaling daw itong magpapayat)

6. Water melon – I love love love water melon it is a great substitute too for craving sweets plus it makes me full (kahit ito lang kainin ko habang buhay okay na okay lang ako hehehe)

7. All vegetable recipe – especially pinakbet recipe without rice (read my no rice diet article for more of this)

8. Kankunis tea – a laxative tea that promises to lose weight but it’s not the reason that I take this; it’s the effect to take a bowel in the morning (especially pag naparami ang nakain ko ng nakaraan, it feels I disposed all of it in the morning, wait for my review of this)

9. C-Lium Fibre – just starting to take this

10. Apple Cider Vinegar – usually in the morning which helps me drink more water in the morning

11. Water (pinaka-matipid sa lahat)

I think this is all I can think of right now and I will update this post and add some if I recall foods in my diet that can help me lose weight, feel fuller and energize at the same time. And if you have some ideas and suggestions that are effective to help me lose weight then write it below in the comment section. Bye (kaya ko to, kailangang kayanin ko, hindi pwedeng hinde, wish me luck). 


  1. ang galing naman, bago aong tagasubaybay at nakakainspire namang magpapayat ang blog mo