Monday, October 27, 2014

No Rice Diet, Is It Effective?

The no rice diet.

Most of us have tried every measure to lose weight and I am no exception for that. I’ve been trying this kind of diet for almost 5 months now but I sometimes failed because the temptation is very high especially if you were eating together with friends or relatives. Luckily for me I still loss some inch and of course weight too but not really drastically. I started 60 to 62 kilos before doing this diet and now I am ranging from 54 to 56 kilos and sometimes fall into 52 kilograms too, and yes for me it is effective.

In Asian countries like us, rice is the staple food in the table and it gives us energy for day to day needs of our body. But too much consumption of rice can lead to weight gain and other health complications like diabetes and etc. And according to Doc. Willie T. Ong lessening the intake of rice is advisable for our health and for diet too.

The simple rule in no rice diet is to eat anything other than rice and you can still have the energy you need from your other food intake. Of course you should not exceed in the calories your body needs in order to maintain your weight or lesser calories to lose some weight. So if you need 1200 calories everyday to lose weight you should eat any foods that can fill this calorie. There’s a calorie counting app that you can use to monitor your calories which is MyFinessPal.

Celebrity who practices this diet is Kris Bernal who practically eliminate rice in her diet resulting her to a very thin physique than she used to be. 

Kris Bernal before no rice diet
Kris Bernal before no rice diet
Kris Bernal after no rice diet
Kris Bernal after no rice diet

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  1. wow thanks for sharing this, and Kris Bernal is really thin until now