Sunday, April 6, 2014

Amazing Ad from Dermablend: Revealing What They Cover

Cassandra Bankson on top and Cheri Lindsay below

Dermablend is one of reputable brand for make-up especially made for skin with mild to severe condition. This may be your brand of make-up if you have a very sensitive skin. Recently, Dermablend released their latest ad for its corrective cosmetics but unlike the usual ad that encourages you to buy their product they make some twist in their concept that inspires anyone to reveal their true selves.

Two of the popular beauty guru vlogger in YouTube is in the ad. One of the ads is Cassandra Bankson, a model and YouTube star who's suffering from severe acne and Cheri Lindsay, a volleyball coach with vitiligo or a skin pigmentation condition; they both share their experiences and how they cope with it then remove their make-up in front of the camera.

Their ad is now currently popular and often shared in different social media. These only shows that many people can relate to their experience and somehow inspiring to others who suffered the same situation to just live with it and face it.

Watch their Camo confession below and be amazed too:


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