Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tips to Get a Better Sleep


I had a hard time now getting the right sleep that our body need. After my miscarriage I suffered stress, irritation, grief, and sleepless night. But it’s not the end of the world right, I need to move on and do the things that I usually do like writing, blogging and other home stuff. This is also the reason why we have International Women’s Day because women are subject to bare more pains than men, thanks to the one who initiated this celebration for women. 

Anyway, I've learned that not getting enough sleep isn't only critical for our health but it’s also essential in looking our best. Our bodies heal during sleep as our skin recovers and rehydrates from the day before. Getting the right amount of sleep with about 7 to 8 hours is important and standard for good health, but how to do it with our very hectic schedule and errands, we are sometimes guilty with deprive sleep. 

Below are some of the tips to get a beauty rest and maximize sleep: 

Stick with your schedule. 

Train your body to sleep at a certain time. You can start by putting a reminders on your phone hinting you that it’s time to go in bed. Avoid using gadgets while trying to sleep or put it away from you. According to study, smartphones contributes to sleepless night than those who don’t use it. 

 Take a shower. 

No need to explain this and I’m sure it happens to you too. It helps you falls asleep whenever you freshen up your body. 

Choose the right bed for you. 

Some people wanted a soft cushion and some like more pillows on their bed depending on individual. If you find yourself not to sleep easily maybe it’s because of the bedding or the quality of the foam you are using. Maybe it’s time to shop for a new and comfortable bed you can find at cushion foam online. You can also recreate your room for a new and inviting environment to have a good night sleep. 

Drink milk or avoid caffeine. 

Coffee is a no no at night unless there’s a duedate that I need to submit next day.


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