Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Retro Hair Styles That Are Coming Back In 2014


Look at your inspiration picture of Jennifer Lopez or Johnny Depp, now look in the mirror. Your curly, black monster won’t remotely resemble a J-Lo inspired style any time soon. Pictures, faces and colours begin to blur, as you begin to flick faster through the magazine the hairdresser threw at you. Do you really want to be taking hair advice from a six month old magazine? Are you willing to maintain fire engine red hair? Avoid post-haircut disappointment. Don’t tell the hairdresser to do whatever they think will look good. Ensure you get a beautiful do, and get creative with these blast from the past hairstyles, set to trend through 2014.

Great Gatsby Glamour

In 2013 we saw Baz Luhrmann light up the silver screen once again, as his lush and fantastical re-imagining of The Great Gatsby, breathed new life into the 90 year old classic. Visions of decadence danced across the screen, as leading ladies adorned their crowns with extravagant adornments, their bodies cloaked in fur, feathers and dripping in pearls. The film made waves in Hollywood, 1920s style permeating the red-carpet must-have looks. 2014 is going to feel the flow on effects, as ladies locks get lopped in favour of clean crops, fresh fringes and finger waved bobs. Time to take the plunge and get the chop.

Veronica Lake Curls

Get your smoulder on and channel your icy, inner sex siren. 2014 is bringing back the fabulous 40s, resurrecting the signature look of fleeting star, Veronica Lake. Unlike her career, the iconic peekaboo curls are set to stay. We’ve seen every A-list celebrity attempt a version of this style, but none so glamorously as the lovely Lana Del Rey. Appropriating old Hollywood and vintage Americana chic, Del Rey has made the style her own, experimenting with curl shape and sweeping it to the side. She has paved the way for us mere mortals to rock this romantic do, and spice it up with our own flavour. Dust off the hot rollers and have some fun!

Milkmaid Braids

The bathroom braid struggle. It’s a viscous battle to constrain your mane into an image of effortless chic. Collateral damage often includes snapped elastics, stabbing bobby pins and smashed mirrors. Too often, the result is more seven-year-old-school-girl than stunning Scarlett Johansson. When done correctly, this style exudes elegance of equal parts ethereal and bohemian. Like tying your shoes, get the hang of it and braiding will be a breeze!

Dapper Do

Gentlemen, it’s time to shape up and get sharp. The 40s inspired dapper do has been filtering down the societal chain, from celeb stylists to your local barber shop. Don’t let the hipster haters deter you from what is destined to be the greatest hair cut you have ever had. Embrace those inner yearnings to be Donald Drapper, Carey Grant or any other male icon American Crew would approve of. Sweep back that early 2000s fringe and go for a fade on the back and sides. Shaved parts add a nice touch if you trust the barber with your life. With a tailored cut, your hair will be looking so crisp and clean, you will be able to rock a suit, without looking like a beach bum at a corporate job interview.

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