Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Installation of Our Kitchen Cabinet


I grew up with a disaster home and there’s actually no division in our previous home due to poverty. And you can never point out which side is a living room or a kitchen. And every rain season we need to put basin or any container to catch the water inside, because roof wasn’t maintain or need some replacement. But we never complain and we continue to live in it, just be thankful that we can eat a meal two times a day plus a coffee for bonus. 

 And while growing up I am actually ashamed to invite friends to come over and make a school project or to study together. Because not only that our home is not fully functional our house was usually untidy and unorganized. That’s why I always dream of having a beautiful house I can call mine. I always told myself that our home should be a house that my offspring will be proud of, and will not hesitate to invite their friends for a group study or dance rehearsal for school program. 

One of the favorite parts of our house that need a meticulous plan is the kitchen. I wanted my kitchen to be perfect and always inviting to make a special meal all the time. Right now I haven’t figure out how I will design my kitchen cabinet and other accessories. In the meantime, I always read and search from magazines and blogs online for some designs inspiration for the layout. I also watch the tv program from the lifestyle channel that make some renovation from different personality for their home, taking some notes and key points here for kitchen cabinet organizers.


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