Saturday, February 15, 2014

Benefits of Sex this Valentine’s Day

February is a love month which follows everything like romantic dinner, flowers, sweet chocolate, date and of course sex. I know that most of you are mature and aware that during this celebration love making after sweet talk and dinner is undeniably acceptable, of course this only applies to all legal couple with the right age and married couple.

Below are the benefits of Sex not only this Valentine’s Day but all year round.

1.      Burn more calories. Sex counts as an exercise it can burn five calories per minute. It bumps up your heart rate and uses various muscles of your body.

2.      Reducing the risk of having prostate cancer. Research show that regular sex can lessen the probability of having prostate cancer associated by continually ejaculation during sex or masturbation.

3.       Deep Sleep. After sex, the relaxation-inducing hormone prolactin is released, which may help you to nod off more quickly. The “love hormone” oxytocin, released during orgasm, also promotes sleep. Source:

4.  Healthier skin.  During sex, your body produces a hormone called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) a compound that is found in the body that is good for all kinds of things—including improving skin complexion, it also slows down aging.

5.      Improve immunity system.  During sex body produces more immunoglobin A improving body’s immune system against diseases.

6.      Improve heart’s health. According to study, men who make love once or twice a week are 45% less likely to develop heart disease than those who do it once a month.

7.      Stress buster.  Sex is relaxing and can trigger the body to release its natural feel-good chemicals, helping to ease stress and boost pleasure, calm and self-esteem.


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