Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A No Retouch Ad by Aerie Lingerie


Do we really need fake ads just to sell products? Or do we need to be deceived by fake ads and models before buying the product? Of course, as a consumer we need to be satisfied by the products itself but I also admit that advertisement play roles to sell more product.

American Eagle Lingerie line’s Aerie launch a new lingerie line with models unretouch with airbrush or Photoshop with the aims of promoting a more realistic body for its teen and preteen costumer.

This is good news right, a good product that we all need to support and not to get upset by fake advertisement and false descriptions and expectation. I hope that their ads will open up many brands and product to showcase the real score of certain product on real frame of individual especially on clothing, lingerie and other products that we wear.

Note: This is actually an overdue post but because I wanted real advertisement I still insist to continue and finish this post. 


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