Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to Find and Define Your Unique Fashion Style

Finding your unique fashion style is all about finding a style that reflects you; your personality; your tastes; the essence of who you are. Defining your style essentially begins with getting to know yourself. While fashion changes with the season, there is something quintessential about you as an individual that is unchanging. Truly attractive people are often those individuals who feel confident in showing the world their authentic selves, whatever the fashion.

So how do you find and define your own style in this fashion conscious age?

Find What Wows You

Spend some time finding out what you are attracted to, what draws you in. Browse the internet and check out the latest fashion sites like Stylekeepers. Take note of the styles that grab you or the accessories that have the ‘wow’ factor for you. This is a fun exercise and after a while you will definitely begin to notice some trends. Perhaps you are drawn to boho styles or classic may be your thing. Daring colour blends might excite you or maybe its earthy colours and natural fibres that do it for you.

Go shopping and try things on. Take notice of how they make you look and feel. Identify what turns you on. If you feel neutral about a piece of clothing, then it’s probably not your style. Get along to some thrift shops and delve into their shelves as part of the adventure in finding your look. Check out accessory shops and see what attracts you. The right scarf or piece of bling can turn a plain garment into a fashion statement that is all about you.

Be Daring

Dare to be different. Dare to choose colours, styles, hemlines, shapes and textures that express your individuality. There is nothing more stunning than someone outfitted in apparel that reflects their own uniqueness. Dressing to reflect your tastes, inspirations and desires will help you to shine. It will definitely define you from the fashion pack.

Why is Personal Style Important?


Dressing to suit your own style helps people to get to know you, to see the real you. It also allows you to feel truly comfortable in your own skin. It makes a statement: this is who I really am. It creates a feeling of you as an authentic person. Wearing your own style makes you a person people are interested in getting to know.

We have all seen the fashion tragics in the glossy magazines; people wearing the latest fashion when it does nothing for them. Wearing what is ‘in’ even if it doesn’t suit you makes you a victim of the fashion trade and does little to present you to the world as a confident, fabulous individual. Yes, fashion should be your inspiration. But it is your style, your taste, you, that should take the latest fashions and own them.

Personal style doesn’t have an expiry date. It will travel with you through many seasons of changing fashions.


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