Monday, January 20, 2014

Here Comes a New Baby


Hi guys yours truly will be expecting a new baby and this is the very reason I seldom post articles here. But not to worry cause I'm back and I am taking good care of myself also I'm taking all the necessary supplements for my pregnancy. Although I haven’t felt any weird morning sickness yet I am ready to face it soon. 

Anyway they say that my baby will become intelligent if I expose myself to all the music instruments and classical music during my pregnancy. I’m actually eyeing to learn how to strum guitar like zildjian custom a 14 hi hats that my hubby used to surf while looking for a guitars online.

Well, glad that YouTube is just a click away for other stuff and tutorial I may need for the start. And if ever I didn’t get a chance to learn maybe I’ll sing along with the Karaoke ready in their videos and sing my heart out for my baby.


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