Monday, January 27, 2014

Can We Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Aside from gaining weight pregnant women are prone to change their physical appearance during pregnancy. The most common changes during pregnancy is to develop a stretch marks not only in the belly but in other parts of the body such as breast, underarm,  butt, thigh and legs.

But can we really prevent stretch marks during pregnancy? With my experience to my first born son my answer is no, and unfortunately I had it for a long time now and it doesn’t fade away throughout these years despite using different creams and topical medicine for stretch mark.


These were also the common experience of most moms that I research on the internet too but the good news is you can minimize its drastic development and somehow lessen its appearances on your body.

One way to minimize stretch marks on your body is to watch for your weight, diet and skin regimen. I can understand the cravings of pregnant women but you have to be very careful for what you eat because gaining weight quickly can easily stretch your skin, and if you can’t prevent weight gain you may want to moderate it little by little. Eat healthy food as much as possible because most healthy food can’t make you go fat easily.

Hydrate your skin by drinking a lot of waters literally and take supplements with vitamin C, E and zinc that help your skin become suppler and can stretch easily.

Avoid scratching when your skin start to get itch, these are the signs that your skin is stretching. Put more lotions and creams in these areas that usually itch and to those areas that are prone to develop stretch marks such as under belly, stomach, legs and arms, etc.

Remember stretch marks are hereditary and topical treatments won't prevent them so save your money for your baby and enjoy your pregnancy. 


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