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The Health Benefits of Spas


The word “spa” comes from the Latin word Salus per aquam, which translated means “health from water”. A hot tub or spa has many health benefits. Spas have been used by ancient civilisations for centuries. Hot springs can be found naturally throughout the world, but a home spa is just as good. A spa contains many jets which act as therapeutic massage streams aimed at certain parts of the body.

Back Pain

In clinical trials spa therapy has been shown to give effective relief to people with chronic lower back pain. For those suffering from this type of pain, a spa will give greater flexibility and will lessen the need for drug use such as anti-inflammatories. Many of the spa jets will focus on areas of the back and will target back specific muscles. Spas are greatly beneficial for people with sports injuries. The massaging jets of a spa and the warm water will relieve fatigue and transport the lactic acid from the muscles much faster.

Better Sleep


People have trouble sleeping for a number of reasons; stress, pressure at work or at home; medication or health problems. In fact, thousands of people suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia. A soak in a spa before bedtime will lower your body temperature which will induce relaxation and sleep. Spa users will find the transition to sleep much more easily.


Various forms of heat have been used to treat ailments for years. Think of heat packs, hot water bottles or heat balms. So therefore the benefits of soaking in a hot tub or spa would be enormous. Your body will warm up, your blood flow will increase and your blood vessels will dilate. This will reduce your blood pressure and relax your muscles. The benefit of a spa is that the water remains at a constant warm temperature.


Arthritic people usually respond well to heat therapy. A session in a spa can make the joints more pliable and can improve flexibility. Arthritis sufferers will get massage, warmth and buoyancy from a spa treatment.


Soaking in water will take body weight off the joints. Feet do an enormous amount of work all day, just holding the body upright. Sitting in a spa means the buoyancy of the water will support body weight and give feet, legs and knees a break. The pressure on wrists, ankles, elbows and neck will also be relieved by a soak in a hot spa. 

The health benefits of spa hydrotherapy are many. Sitting buoyant in water up to your neck with tiny nozzles of water and air gently or intensely pinpointing neck, feet and arm muscles can leave you feeling relaxed and can relieve tired aches and pains. It is important to keep your spa well maintained to prevent bacteria build up and to have it ready for use at any time. Have a look at this URL for tips on keeping your spa in top form.

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