Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Benefits of Hiring Event Planners in NYC


An event planner who helps individuals and companies plan their special occasions is often called an event consultant or event coordinator.  People in this job specialize in planning small to large events professionally.

For many people, using an event planner may seem like a luxury that is only enjoyed by the rich and famous.  This is no longer the case.  As event planning services are now very affordable, they are accessible to a wide range of people.

Planning an event can often feel like a full-time job if the organizer decides to go it alone.  Event planning requires a lot of time, patience and attention to detail.  Inexperienced people will find that there is so much to learn and not enough time to learn everything.

Anybody who is organizing an event needs to be highly organized.  They should also know what to do and who to contact when something goes wrong.  This can be very difficult if one does not have event planning experience.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring event planners is that they are extremely creative.  It is an event planner's job to know what is in style and what is outdated.  For this reason, professional event planners tend to have very good taste.  A good event planner will know how to combine good style components with the client's vision for the event.

Event planning companies have countless industry connections.  This is because they are constantly planning one event after another.  Because event planners have good relationships with vendors, they are often able to negotiate discounted rates. Visit Choice Productions online to learn more about their event planning services. 

As event planners know which vendors offer good quality products and services at a reasonable price, they can save the client time and money.  For example, if the client suggests a certain florist, the event planner can advise them of the florist's prices.

Having good contacts is very important in NYC.  New York is known for being vibrant, busy and heavily populated.  Not to mention, countless tourists flock to the city every year.  This means that vendors are often sold out or booked months in advance.  If a client cannot get the product or service they desire, the event planner will be able to come up with an affordable alternative.

If a person plans an event on their own, they will be responsible for the following tasks.
-  Finding a venue.
-  Decorating the venue.
-  Setting up seating, tables and centerpieces.
-  Finding a DJ and/or MC.
-  Organizing the program of events.
-  Hiring caterers.
-  Sending out invitations.

When an event planner is used, the client can sit back and wait for them to perform the above tasks.  On the night of the event, event staff in NYC will serve food, decorate the venue and clean up. 

Hiring event planners is essential when it comes to planning special events.  Because they take care of the hard work, the client can enjoy their event and mingle with guests.  All clients will have to do is pay the event planner's fee!

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Article written by Ruth Gooding


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