Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tackling Depression

Depression affects everybody at some point in their lives, though it can have much more of significant effect on certain individuals compared to others. It’s important for people suffering with depression to know that they are not alone and that help is available for them should they feel they need it.

Tackling depression on your own can be tough but there are ways you can relieve yourself of your anxieties that hopefully set you on a path to being depression-free. Safety is paramount and therefore if you are worried about your health as result of depression, it is strongly advised that you seek specialist advice. Here are a few strategic steps to take to stop depression from taking over your life.

There is usually a difference between one person depression symptoms in comparison to another. With that in mind, it’s important to put yourself in the driving seat when it comes to tackling depression.
Think about how the path you want to take during your life and consider how you would go down that route. From here on out, you can think about what your next step will be, such as taking up a new job, learning a different language or getting into a specific hobby. Whilst it can be difficult to change your current way of life, there’s no rush to succeed and therefore it’s important to take things slow if you can. Depression is different for everyone.

You might find that your depression is having a damaging effect on your lifestyle. If this is the case, consider some ways to get back into a daily routine. Manage your sleeping patterns a bit better so that you can get up earlier and start the day with purpose.

Treat yourself to regular meals and healthy food. If you aren’t a fan of healthier food, challenge yourself to something new every week. You might find that you’re eating habits improve drastically and you’ll start to feel much better. Remember, certain foods can affect your mood in more drastic ways than others, so consider what you’ve been eating in the past and think about excluding it from your diet.

In order to challenge your depression more effectively you need to understand what depression actually is. It can be useful to study your behavior and keep a note of how you’ve been behaving recently that’s caused you to feel depressed.

Think about what it is that makes you depressed and try to understand why it’s making you act the way you do. For example, you might be depressed because you are constantly worried about things or you feel lonely in a new environment, in which case you should plan your day accordingly to nullify your anxieties. You should never feel trapped no matter where you are. Help is always available to you regardless of what you might think.

A very effective way of tackling depression is making sure you live well, even after your depression has subsided. Building new, positive relationships and doing things that make you happy can have extremely positive effects on your well-being. Moreover, controlling your anger and frustration can keep you from dwelling on negative issues.

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Katie Barton is a blogger with a keen interest in personal wellbeing and has contributed this post on behalf of  Brighton & Hove Psychotherapy, who provide a range of professional services dedicated to helping battle depression. 


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