Friday, December 27, 2013

Renting Formal Fashion for Men

Formal clothing designed by Calvin Klein or Perry Ellis costs a small fortune to purchase. If you can afford a fortune, or if you can justify the expense, then nothing is stopping you from purchasing a suit or a tuxedo and keeping it for special occasions. Galas, charity events, weddings, and funerals crop up frequently in some people's lives depending on the size of their family or the nature of their work. Corporate chairmen and other big players in business must look good for their associates. For many men, however, owning formal wear is impractical.


Renting Fashion
Rockaway tux rentals rescue the man in fashion distress. He has to have formal clothing available in time for his upcoming nuptials, but does not own anything more formal than a polo shirt. He sees that trendy design and a quality brand are too expensive to buy, but he has to have the right clothing. Where does he go? He takes his request to a local branch of a respected tuxedo rental company or emails details to the store to start the process of choosing his outfit.

If you pursue the rental route, the company must know your measurements, where you plan to pick up the package, and the date your suit is required. They can also help you select garments according to your price range and preferred style.

Styles of Tuxedos
Tuxedos are classy outfits which make any man look good in front of an audience, whether at his wedding, as best man, an usher, or at his graduation. A Father of the Bride will often wear a tuxedo as well and would not wish to embarrass his daughter during his speech. Rockaway tux rentals come in styles for the man in black or the knight in white. They are always modern, high-fashion items which remain affordable in their rental format. Consumers can also buy items.

Accessories at Rockaway Tux Rentals
Trousers and a coat are just two parts of a formal outfit. There is a further piece: accessories. These are things like a necktie or bow tie, cummerbund, and waistcoat. Choosing black, grey, blue, or white for the background color is easy, but these other features are what catch people's eyes. No groom wants to clash with his bride at the altar by wearing the wrong shade of green such as lime when she is sporting an emerald waist band. No best man wishes to look discordant against the matron of honor's dress.

Bring a swatch from the matching party's dress (bridesmaid, maid of honor, etc.) to the shop and ask for a color of tie, waistcoat, etc. to match it.

Ultimate Question
Finally, with colors sorted out, where do you stand in the eyes of fashion police? Did you choose well? What is the big deal about formal wear anyway?

When an event is important, nothing should distract you or onlookers from its meaningfulness. Choosing an out-of-date, ill-fitting suit would form just such a distraction. If you lack fashion knowledge, ask for help from professionals familiar with the challenge of dressing men to look their best. 

Article written by Sheryl Varian.


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