Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cut Hand Stitched to a Man's Leg to Keep it Alive

 These days a new emerged of medical research and studies may surprise us and help revive hopeless condition even in its worst scenario, just like this guy in China who cut his hand from a machine.

picture taken on December 4, 2013 shows the hand of Chinese man Xie Wei

Physicians in Beijing, China attached a guy's cut hand to its leg for a month to keep it alive before putting it back in the right position.

The 25-year-old Chinese named as Xiao Wei, accidentally cut his hand by a drilling machine while at work in Changde.

The cut hand was too severe to re-attach immediately, so doctors in the provincial Changsha planted it first onto his leg, just below his calf muscles, to keep it alive while recovering.

"It's just like building a house," Tang Juyu said, Xiao Wei's attending physician, saying "Currently the main body is established. There will have to be interior decorations in the future."

Severed divisions can be stored if their blood vessels flow is renewed within several time of their amputation, based on the conditions.

He will have to go through several further operations for rehabilitation treatment to recover the limb's to operate.

Well, at least the man will still have his hand and not get amputated at all, let us hope that it can still function after.


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