Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Breakfast for Losing Weight


Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And more and more studies have proven that those who eat their meal early in the morning are leaner than those who skip breakfast. They also tend to be successful in terms of losing weight and keeping the pounds off by continuing their habit of eating. Typically breakfast eater get more fibers, calcium, vitamins A and C, riboflavin, zinc and iron and less fat and dietary cholesterol.

Therefore, those who skip meal will tend to eat more throughout the day because of the feeling of emptiness in their tummy. They also feel tired and restless and the only way to fill their energy is to eat more after skipping their breakfast. Breakfast skipper are more prone to be sleepy and will lose their concentration in computing and decision making. Most of the time they feel the need to rest and will prevent to move around and just get lazy or just sitting around in a corner.

Of course the meal in the morning that will be serve should be healthy that will give you enough energy even if you skip your snacks or delay your lunch. And if you worries about the excess calories that you will take in the morning thinking it will add pounds to your weight then think again because you will be able to burnt it throughout the day by just doing your usual activities, and how much more to lose if you also add your workout routine or do some reps of cardio at the gym or at home.

Below are some healthy foods to take in the morning that won’t compromise you to add some weight.

1.       Banana – gives you the energy you need not to mention the many nutrients you may benefit from it.

2.       Apple – if apple is too hard for you to swallow in the morning, then use your blender and make some smoothies out of it, combining with less than cup of water and grind it for less than a minute.

3.       Egg with rice. It doesn’t matter how will you cook the egg whether boiled or fried, but just limit the intake of rice to 1 cup only and you’re good to go through the day.

4.       Cereals with non-fat milk.

5.       Coffee with wheat bread.

6.       Oatmeal.

7.       Raspberries.

8.       Yogurt.

9.       All kinds of nuts.

10.   All kinds of juice.

Basically you can eat anything that is available in your kitchen but it is good than not to eat at all in the morning because this will be your energy foundation throughout the day.


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