Sunday, November 17, 2013

Secosana Bag Review

Bea Alonzo with Secosana bag

I have known Secosana bag during my college days and even testified how their bag’s strength can stand the test of time. Although I admit that their line is quite pricey just like other famous brand of bags but you won’t mind to slash your budget for this bag which can lasts in many years of using.

Their designs can compare with several designer names of bag yet much more affordable than signature bags. You can proudly use it in public or anywhere without worrying for the safety of your bag unlike using high profile bag like Louis Vitton, in fact their previous and present endorsers like Angelica Panganiban, Shaina Magadayao and Bea Alonso used their bags in any places they've been, and sometimes can even spot also in the movie screen. I guess they also love their designs and style.

You do not have to worry walking around carrying your bag with the same designs with others because they always come up with a new design with a limited quantity. So what you see on their store shelves might not be available in other branch or what available today may not be available in the next couple of weeks.

I do not have to reiterate their quality because this is my bag in my college days. I also buy this for gift presents and can still see them valuable by their owner.

Check out my recent purchase of Secosana bag and purse for my early Christmas gift: (note I got these for 50% off a total of Php 890 or $20)


  1. Hanggang tingin nalang ako sa mga Secosana bag sa mall. Sobrang mahal para sa budget ko. Pero baka I'll call it an investment one of these days. :)