Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

Recently, a girlfriend registered with a very well-known dating site. She’d spent a long time researching what site was best for her, but when it came to setting up her profile, she was absolutely stuck.


I have to admit, I’d find it hard to talk about myself in that way, without sounding like a résumé or a robot! But somehow it’s easier when you’re giving someone else advice on what to say and what to leave out. So after our conversation, I put together these five simple online dating tips to help anyone else out there who’s venturing into the world of online romance

Make a Great First Impression
The first line of your profile is important, so catch the reader’s attention with a snappy introduction, such as a personal motto (“Backpacker with a love of Italian food”) or famous quote (“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”). You will be amazed at how people can relate to this.

Live In The Now
One of the first mistakes I noticed with my friend was that she seemed to be writing about the past. She mentioned her previous marriage, her classes in college, but she didn’t discuss her incredible job in the hospitality industry or her interests. If you write about the past, it looks like you’re stuck there, so live in the now.

Be Confident
When people turn to online dating, they are looking for a potential match that will really stand out to them, and this is where confidence and a good personality really shine through. Don’t make sweeping statements like “I am an incredible girlfriend”, or “I’m the best you’ll ever have”, simply state what makes you different.

Have a Great Profile Photo
When it comes to online dating, you have to have a good photo for your profile, and it should be of you, not your dog, or your cat. While you think you may be being modest by not showing your face, others may read it as you not being confident, so have a friend help you take a picture, in natural light. Joke around, relax and smile naturally, it will do wonders for your photographs.

Making basic grammatical and spelling errors in your profile will make you appear lazy and unintelligent to others, so take care with what you type, or have a friend proofread your profile before you hit ‘publish’.

So although it’s important to be yourself and get that across on the screen remember, there are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to dating profiles! Feel free to share your own tips below…

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