Sunday, October 13, 2013

Top Tips to Fade Stretch Marks


Men and women suffer from stretch marks as a result of weight gain and weight loss. During the gain and loss process it causes you to lose elasticity in the skin which makes it difficult to increase the production of collagen. Luckily, stretch marks are no different than scars. With patience and the right treatment regime you can learn how to reduce the appearance of stretch marks significantly.

Drink More Water!
If you're trying to prevent stretch marks or reduce them altogether, water is a must. While 8 glasses a day is ideal, you will get better results if you drink between 10-12 glasses. Water is going help your skin tissues by keeping hydration locked in. It will help you tone your skin and give your body the nutrients that it needs to increase the production of collagen. In order to get rid of stretch marks you'll need to increase moisture internally so that you can increase elasticity externally

Use Natural Products
There are many creams and topical gels that won't help with the appearance of stretch marks at all. The key is to use all natural ingredients: grapeseed oil, wheat germ oil and rosehip seed oil.  Ashes Shock Therapy System is a powerful product that contains the following ingredients, highly recommended in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Whatever product you're using it should be completely holistic and made up of natural oils. Avoid using harsh chemical formulas on the skin due to dryness and redness.

Exfoliation is a Must
You can successfully get rid of stretch marks as long as you are keeping the area stimulated by increasing circulation and lifting up the dead skin cells. As you exfoliate the area you will stimulate the production of collagen. Try an exfoliation scrub that contains caffeine as it offers a diuretic that will allow the blood to circulate. Also ensure that the exfoliation product contains natural oils instead of harsh chemicals.

Keep your Skin Moisturized
Moisture and hydration are both essential during this process. You'll get the best results if you moisturize your skin with oils instead of creams because they have the capacity to penetrate below the first layer of cells. You shouldn't stop using lotion either – but, start incorporating oils into your regime for the ultimate hydration treatment.

Stay Toned Up
You'd be surprised as to how your stretch marks begin to fade if you tone up those areas of the body. Exercise and weight lifting can increase the production of collagen. By adopting a workout routine that focuses on where stretch marks are located, you can begin to eliminate their appearance furthermore.
Ultimately, you'll need to stay consistent in your attempt. Apply oils and stay hydrated every day. Workout when you can and aim toward toning the areas of the body presenting stretch marks. Before long, you'll see their color and depth start to fade just as you would see a scar disappear. You'll be successful during the elimination process if you include the following steps and maintain a healthy weight to avoid producing new stretch marks.

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