Friday, October 18, 2013

Top Celebrity Maternity Style Icons


The fashion world focuses on stick figure models until somebody of note falls pregnant. Pregnant celebrities are the best thing to happen to magazines since colour print. It’s great to see women embracing their bump rather than hiding it. Loud and proud! The following article lists your go to celebrities for pregnancy fashion inspiration. There are more out then you think.

Kirsten Bell

This woman could pull off a potato sack. Beauty like hers shines through the darkest shadows. She announced her pregnancy in November and decided to not let it rule her wardrobe. She kept her look casual and fun. She was confident and it showed. She never tried to hide her bump. She showed off her pride and joy to the world. She goes for comfort but this does not compromise her style. She is casually cool. She has mastered being comfy without looking frumpy. It’s always fun seeing her hit it out of the ballpark on the red carpet. She always nails it. In the end she simply deserves a round of applause for bearing her bump in public. Pregnancy pride!

Kim Kardashian

Why? She deserves some acknowledgement for trying new looks. She never played it safe and stayed true to her pre-pregnancy sense of style. She’s always been bold and always will be. She’s always been in the fashion spotlight and it looks like she won’t be moving out of it anytime soon. True, sometimes it’s for fashion crimes but sometimes you have to try something new. This is why she should be commemorated. She’s been spotted wearing outfits that don’t typically come to mind when you hear the term maternity wear or Maternity Sale. She’s working her bump, love or hate it.

Kate Middleton

Who doesn’t love a bit of royalty? The Duchess of Cambridge has always been a style-icon. She dresses like a lady, always looking stunning and elegant. She’s also relatable to most women as she is not afraid to wear a piece more than once, a big thing in the celebrity world. She’s a great example to look at for multiple ways to wear and re-wear items of clothing. Since she said “I do” to Prince William, baby rumours have been circling. Her fashion choices are already influencing fashion lines. Who doesn’t want to feel and look like a princess?

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

A stunning woman married to a stunning man, Channing Tatum. She manages to over-shadow him on the red carpet. She has never let her fashion sense slide. You can tell that it’s a passion of hers. Just like Kirsten Bell, she manages to pull off comfy without appearing frumpy.


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