Thursday, October 17, 2013

Simple Reminders during Disasters


Hi guys, I hope you are all safe and out of danger, because yours truly was recently experience the aftermath left by Santi storm. As of now we are all safe and sound except we do not have power supply and connection to be able to keep you posted and updated.

We are actually living now like in the past without power or any news (we are clueless about the earthquake happening in other parts of the country) and the only way to get connected is to buy power generator to charge our emergency lights, flash lights, gadgets and mobile for communication and of course to surf a little for news and post this entry here.

Here’s a list of reminders during disasters whether in storms or earthquake.
  1.         Do not touch downed power lines or any conductive object touch by the downed wires.
  2.         Clean up the mess especially hazardous liquid like pesticide, insecticide or medicines.
  3.        If water supply is cut-off, get supply and fill clean containers for stock of water from nearby artesian wells.
  4.       Check the food supplies especially your recent stock in refrigerator and plan meals to use up foods which spoils quickly.
  5.        Check for gas leak if your home is connected by a gas pipe, closed it immediately if you smell leakage and do not use it until everything were restored.
  6.         Use wood or charcoal for emergency cooking.
  7.         Use mosquito net at night.
  8.        As much as possible use emergency light than candles to prevent fire, if candle was use do not leave it unattended.
  9.         Pray and always be prepared.


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