Monday, October 7, 2013

Sex Box on UK TV Show


Apparently if you survive from Miley Cyrus’s  twerking and wrecking vid then get ready again because in a couple of week a reality TV show in UK will be air called “Sex Box” where there’s a couple on the show willing to make love in the built-in close box but the box is in front of the live audiences and on air.

The box that seems to be the room for the couples is sound-proofed and may not be a romantic setting for the couples. The program aims to "reclaim sex from pornography" by interviewing the couples after having sex. The show believed that more people were expecting sex out of pornography and will realize that real sex was different from their expectations.

But many also criticized the show aiming only for sponsors and revenue and not actually to help educate people about sex. Critic’s believed that it will result only for major disaster rather than helping people about sex.

What do you think is it appropriate to have sex and get interview after? Will there be willing to be in the show and share or talk about their matrimonial moments?


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