Friday, October 11, 2013

Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral Review

Maybelline pure concealer mineral

I admit I am not a make-up junkie person, and I hate to spend more time just to prep my face with makeup. But lipstick, mascara and powder will be an exemption for my super fast prepping to avoid my late appearance in any event but I think adding another one wasn’t bad, right?

Concealer is a must for both men and women especially for us who doesn’t lucky enough to have a decent skin. Concealer can hide all of our imperfections like redness, bumps, pimples or any scars in our face but be careful in choosing one because not all of them can hide our impurities.

For me Maybelinne Pure Concealer mineral does the job for my face especially in hiding the nasty redness around my nose and some pimple marks. It is good also in brightening the skin under the eye but I seldom do that. I just purchase this one to hide my scars and redness and no other purposes that I intend to do with it. But I see some blogger that they use this as a highlighter also.

Before you buy this consult first their salesperson to know the right color for your face, try it first before buying, because this baby cost a whooping of Php 429.00 or $10. But I guess it’s good to cover my marks for the next 6 months or more depending on the usage. A little than a pea size is enough to use per day, see my pic sample below.


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  1. Hiyang ako sa concealer that I got from Ever Bilena. 80 pesos lang! :)

    This one seems good. MA-try nga! :)