Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Leather Belt in Style


A good quality belt is the perfect finishing touch for a pair of jeans. Dress belts are one thing, but there's nothing quite like a thick, quality top-leather belt. Some of the best looking belts are in plain brown or black leather, but painted, tooled and themed belts can really make the outfit.

Any man that's looking to shop for belts would be well-advised to do some research and discover what a difference a quality belt can make. Inexpensive belts from a department store are often made with thin, “genuine” or “bonded” leather, which is a nice way of saying low quality. Bonded leather is partially synthetic, and generally only looks good for a few weeks before cracking.

Genuine leather can also include synthetic materials in some areas, and often just means a leather interior with a plastic shell on the outside.

A good quality leather belt will last for many years and can hold even the heaviest pants up. With a wallet, phone, keys and a knife, many inferior belts will begin to slide down or buckle and crease. Thick top-grain leather belts will stay strong and rigid where needed so everything stays together.

Real leather may cost a bit more, but the added benefits are well worth it. With a classic, timeless appearance and unrivaled durability, a real leather belt will outlast ten of the fake ones. That's value any man can appreciate.


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