Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ideal Gifts for a Pregnant Partner

Keeping a partner happy is always a sensible idea, and anyone who's misguidedly bought an iron for their wife for Christmas before will confirm that the misery that follows a bad gift choice can be epic. The dreaded minefield of buying for a partner is only compounded when the lady in question is pregnant. Perhaps a little more emotional than usual (or very in some cases) a lady with a growing bump could really benefit from some confidence boosting gifts so here are a few great ideas.


            1. A bumper crop of DVDs. When maternity leave kicks in during late pregnancy there may be many a boring afternoon that can be brightened up with some brilliant films or TV box sets. Add a bumper bag of popcorn and a cosy sofa blanket and the gift becomes much more thoughtful than it might at first look: it becomes the gift of self-indulgence, in a good way.

            2. A massage or spa day. Although many health spas restrict most of their treatments for pregnant women, they also nearly all have developed specific treatments and package days for expectant mums. Go together and make sure that she gets entirely spoilt. When aching hips and swollen ankles are causing her grief this could be the ideal gift. And once baby is born it may be a long time before she gets another chance to relax for the day!

            3. Some new clothes. Go to a specialist maternity wear site such as Heavenly Bump and order a lovely new dress. The first thing to do is to make sure you have the correct size otherwise you could inadvertently insult your loved one! Next buy some complementary comfortable shoes and a handbag and jewellery and plan an entire outfit and then...

            4. ...take her out for dinner! A handmade voucher listing all her favourite restaurants (and maybe some new ones too) outlining that if she picks the venue and the date you'll pick up the tab. Of course, you know your partner isn't going to be ordering copious quantities of Champagne so at least the costs shouldn't be too high, but make sure the menu is suitable too: if pregnancy has put her off chicken don't suggest Nando's!

            5. A beautiful necklace. Jewellery is rarely unappreciated but it's best to avoid rings or bracelets in case wrists or fingers swell as the pregnancy progresses. A necklace is a safe choice and means that if fingers do swell up wedding and engagement rings can still be kept close to her heart, and buying a good gift means you will be too. 

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