Friday, October 25, 2013

Design Your Own Hoodies


Need a hoody that tells the world who you are? Perhaps you’re off on a stag do and want the lads to look the business, or maybe you’re looking for hoodies to hand out to your staff when they’re working outdoors or in colder environments. Whatever your reason for thinking about designing your own hoodies, specialist companies such as Brandawear can help you achieve the results you’re after.

Personalised hoodies

Get all your mates’ names printed up on a set of hoodies to help get things rolling on the stag do, or print up your team’s hoodies and achieve that professional look when you turn up to sporting events. Designing your own hoody can be a fun and easy way of stamping an identity on to your clothing and the finished product always looks great. What’s more, with great new technology such as ‘direct to garment’ printing, even producing a small number of printed hoodies can be cost effective but still look amazing and effective.

Design your own personal hoodie

To design your own hoodie, you don’t need to have all the printing equipment yourself. In fact, often the cheapest and most efficient way of going about getting your hoodies printed up can be to contact a specialist printer, such as Draw up your own design, or get Brandawear to help, and once you’re happy with the design it’s time for the next step.

If you just want a small number of hoodies printed up super quickly? Opt for either the transfer or direct to garment option. Transfers are made using a printer that creates your design on to vinyl. This is then transferred to your hoodie to create the finished look. The direct to garment printing option, meanwhile, uses a high-tech printer to print your design directly onto the hoodie. It’s quick, has no set up costs, and is a hard-wearing option. It is slightly more expensive than the transfer choice but results can be much more detailed and will last longer.

For larger quantities of personalised hoodies, screen printing is the best choice. A screen will be made up with your design on and this will then be used to produce your printed hoodies. It’s a fairly traditional method and is used around the world. Results are great, long-lasting, and designs can be one colour or more.

For personalised clothing with a really detailed feel, consider embroidered hoodies. Chain stitching is used to create the design on your hoodie and you can have up to 15 different colours incorporated into the finished design. Embroidered hoodies have a quality feel to them and will last for a long time to come.

Whichever style of personalised hoodie you decide is the right one for you, it’s always a good idea to turn them inside out when it comes to washing them. This means the print or embroidery is exposed to less detergent and abrasion from other clothes in the washing machine so the colour will stay truer for longer.

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