Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Children’s Halloween Costumes

The common misconception about Halloween is that it’s all about throwing an old bed sheet over your children’s head, handing them a bucket and sending them around the local area asking their unsuspecting neighbours for all kinds of sweets and spraying them with silly string if they don’t oblige! However, there are much more modern ways of celebrating Halloween with more and more people now hosting theme parties.

Sure, kids are always going to want to go out in search of sweets and goodies, but at least with a party at someone’s house you know that they’re with their friends and under supervision as opposed to wandering the streets. As such, you need to come up with a few more inspirational Halloween costume ideas as a simple bed sheet with eye holes is nothing on the kind of outfits you can buy from Morphsuits.co.uk or fancy dress shops.

As mentioned briefly there, morphsuits are a really popular choice of costume and the kind of thing that allows the person wearing it to have tons of fun while people wonder just who is underneath the mask! In case you’re not aware, a morphsuit is an all-in-one outfit made from polyester and spandex that makes them really stretchy and they’re shaped like the human body, complete with fingers and toes and coming in all kinds of colours and styles from Power Rangers to aliens.

If a morphsuit isn’t your kind of thing, then think outside the box – don’t just resort back to the traditional Halloween outfits because everyone else will be doing the same. Give it plenty of thought, because the best-planned costumes are often the most effective. Take a famous film or television drama series that involves some kind of spooky hero or villain and dress up like them. Not only will it be different, but it’ll be a talking point too!

Alternatively, you could go the complete opposite way and go for something a bit more cute – it is a children’s party after all! It’s only natural to associate the words “Halloween” and “scary”, but it could be even more effective to go with the opposite, dressing up as a princess or elf – that shouldn’t be messed with because you’ve got tricks up your sleeve! You can be just as mischievous, and play as many tricks as you get treats even without the fake blood! 


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