Sunday, September 15, 2013

Valuable Gift Ideas for Christmas


Hi guys, Ber months are here which means shopping like crazy is just a nick of time. You might say that it’s too early to plan for the holiday season because there’s a lot of time to prepare everything, but hello do you like to struggle with lots of people with the same plans as yours. This is the right time to plan and save for the gifts and the things we need this coming Christmas, its less stressful and it gives us the confident that things we need are slowly been materialize before the Christmas.
But since most of us are busy at work or in studies many of us didn’t get a chance to splurge the mall stores for our needs. That’s why I highly recommended that you do the shopping online. Lazada Ph is one of the growing online store companies in the Philippines, and their site is very friendly, viewable and each item has its description of the product. The best part of ordering in Lazada is their offer of free delivery for minimum purchase of Php 1,000.00 and the Cash on Delivery system which is very convenient if you don’t have credit card or time to deposit the amount in the bank or any remittance center.

Here’s the item that I plan to purchase for the Christmas:

Crocs Huarache Flat Shoes I plan to buy two item of this one for me and one for my sister. We are fans of Crocs because of its over duper comfortable sole. This design is also great for any season whether for casual, summer or rainy events, all I can say is it is perfect for us, worth of the money to stash.


Figliarina Handbag When was the last time I bought bag, maybe this Christmas it’s time for a newer one to be chic and casual with  Figliarina perfect for a semi reunion or Christmas party this coming holiday. 


F101Jennie Leggings  This leggings that I cannot find in any mall or store that I longing to have, love that black and white leopard print, don’t you?


SamsungGalaxy Tab 3, 8GB WiFi Tablet – This tablet is a good buy if you ask me behind the apple products. Let’s face it, we want affordable yet doesn’t sacrifice quality and for me Samsung delivers quality except of course the quality of camera.


TeamPacquiao MP Tee This is for my hubby and for sure that he will love this t-shirt since he is a fan of pound for pound Manny Pacman Pacquiao.

How about you, do you already made some shopping for Christmas?


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