Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kiray Celis Amazing Makeover

Kiray Celis during her makeover

 I have read an article about Kiray Celis getting a makeover by one of the most famous beautician Fanny Serrano in the country, and I am stunned not because of the pictures of Kiray laid as a more classy, fiercer and beautiful in her angle on the pictures but the fact that Kiray Celis describe as one of the worst dressed in the recent Star Magic Ball. 

In fact, in one of my blogpost I even praise the way she chose and handle herself that night as one of the best dressed of the night. I never read anything bad feedback on her by that time when the picture of Star Magic Ball posted in the net. So who says she was the worst dressed that night, maybe you need to take a look at the mirror first and compare yourself to Kiray Celis?
Kiray Celis during the Star Magic Ball quoted as the worst dressed that night

But Kiray’s makeover is astonishing that most of us can’t even tell if it was really Kiray.  Fanny Serrano really did a good job on her making a contour in Kiray’s best feature giving her some cheekbone, nose lift and smaller face with the use of make-up. And I don’t think Photoshopped was use in the entire photos to enhance her beauty.

According to Fanny Serrano: “EFFORT! I got to truly exert effort in discovering the flaws of Kiray's facial features...and it's ONLY her droopy chinky eyes. It’s my first time to see Kiray in person on that memorable day of our fotoshoot, though super fan nya naman ako sa lahat ng mga bata sa Kulit Bulilit for only one reason...kakaiba ang beauty nya sa lahat!

Below are those beautiful photoshoot of Kiray Celis taken from the official facebook account of Fanny Serrano with a collaboration of MJ Suayan calling the project as “Mystified” 

Kiray-Celis-Mystified-makeover Kiray-Celis-Mystified-makeover