Monday, September 2, 2013

Falsie Look with Powder and Mascara )Updated with before and after pic)

Mascara with powder believe to give a falsie look on eyelashes

I have stumbled an interesting beauty tips in Pinterest about mascara and baby powder which according to them it can make a good falsies look without actually using one.

And so I did, but it fail on me, not only that I can’t see any difference from using regular mascara versus with powder, it gives me an irritating itchiness during the whole time I wear it. Or maybe my instructions were wrong.

Here’s what I did:

1.       I curl my eyelashes using a regular curler.

2.       Apply the first coat of mascara

3.       Using an eyeshadow brush I dub some baby powder into my lashes, powder will tend stick into the coat of mascara.

4.       Then a final coat of mascara (you need to carefully put on the mascara in a zigzag motion while applying it in order to separates each strands)

5.       And done.


Let me know if this trick works on you, but I will skip this tips and just put on the mascara right away to save some time.  


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