Monday, September 23, 2013

Eyeglasses: Matching Styles With Your Age

In a world now inundated with fashionable eyewear, it’s good to know this trend can be pulled off by women of all ages. However, there are some styles that tend to look best on specific age groups more so than on others. In terms of style, believe it or not, it has less to do with the specific face, frame or silhouette of the eyeglasses, and more to do with a woman’s stage in life.

This lucky group leads a carefree lifestyle and can pull of anything. Literally, anything! With that said, there are more appropriate situations to don trendy eyewear. For instance, if applying to a prestigious college or university and a good first impression is necessary, the large framed geek chic eyewear rocked at school shouldn’t be a first option. Still keep it trendy, but in a more classic way. Try a pair of cute tortoise frames or even pretty red framed glasses.

In your 20’s
This can be one of the hardest 10 years to stay properly outfitted. Many will start their 20’s in college where it’s an anything goes kind of lifestyle. When college ends however, usually wardrobes change as well. The same is true of eyewear styles. While you can rock heavy framed nerd glasses day and night while studying, in most facets of life, those particular spectacles aren’t great for a professional setting. 20-something ladies can do a larger framed pair of glasses, but to gain credibility in the workplace, the frames shouldn’t overpower their face. Think round frame versus a large frame. For years of wear, choose a classic frame that looks good with specific facial features in a cheetah or tortoise print. Also, brightly colored or even ombre-hued glasses can be worn in many offices, and will still look great with jeans on the weekend.

In your 30’s
This age range presents numerous life changes. From marriage to kids to new jobs and new homes, many times the 30’s are when women truly come into their own style. This is also a great time to play around with more trendy yet classic options in eyewear. Cateye glasses are a perfect example. Although they’ve been adorning the faces of women since the 1950s, perhaps thanks to shows like Mad Men, they’ve reappeared better than ever. Although basic neutral toned frames are possibilities and always look good, printed hues, colorful options and even embellished frames are also readily available.

40’s and Beyond
The good news about this age range is that women are likely established in careers and jobs are not dependent on staying mainstream.  While that might not mean crazy clown frames should be donned, it is acceptable to choose glasses that are a little more fun.  Options are endless - choose wide frames, bright frames, embellished frames or even a unique silhouette.

With so many possibilities of frames currently available, regardless of lady’s ages, there is a set perfect for you. Start with a frame you like, consider what’s going on in your life and accessorize your face to its fullest!


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