Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sleeping for Health and Beauty


Sleeping is the best reward we could ever give to our body, no matter how big we earn by just staying late at night, there is no amount of money we can pay for the sleep deprivation we experience in slowly deteriorating our health.

In many studies, those who work in a graveyard shift or working late at night are people that are more prone to develop heart disease, diabetes, obesity, ulcers, and depression and that’s why it is called graveyard which means their health is now at risk. Their lifespan is also lessened compare those who work at a normal day time.

Sleeping right helps contributed to beauty regimen of anyone. So if you can take advantage to sleep early do so, this can help you to do more when you wake up early. It is also easier to sleep when you take away all your gadgets or you will tend to stay up late checking the wall of your FB status. Taking a shower before bedtime helps lower your body temperature which may help you to sleep faster. And of course sleeping in latex mattress is comfortable that before you knew it you are already sounds asleep.


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