Friday, August 16, 2013

Korina’s Weight loss Tip

Korina Sanchez
Saw this post about Korina Sanchez giving tips on how she lost 15 pounds in just a short month, which is really interesting.  According to her, she even cheated while on the diet and can’t resist when her favorite cuisine is on the table. She also assumed that she might lose more than 15 pounds in a month or aims her target weight in a shorter time. And she jokes how she pay for this program (with estimated of Php 50,000 for the Cohen diet) and now free as she is sharing the secrets to her listeners so they don’t have to pay the same as she did. Here is the summary of her tips:

1.       Stay away from carbohydrates. Don’t eat rice, pasta, bread or even crackers which is compose of carbohydrates that when taken it’ll became fat and sugar in the body.

2.       Stay away from sweets. Don’t drink soft drinks or opt to light or zero and don’t eat anything that is sweets including fruits that taste sweet.

3.       Stay away from salty food. Korina says limit your salt intake to 1/3 teaspoon only in a day.

4.       Limit your food intake with your own fist. These include vegetables and meat and exclude fat from the meat.

5.       Drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Korina noted that even if you’re not thirsty you still need to drink water in order to flush out toxins in the body.

6.       The interval time of eating is five hours from your last meal. She also noted that you don’t need to eat in between of these time but if feel dizzy or loss of energy, eat one cracker or just drink water.

7.       Lastly don’t eat anything after 9 pm.

Korina said that if you follow these tips you should consult your doctor first because that what she does. She also advise not to exercise when on these diet to prevent dizziness or breakdown. But you can do workout after losing the weight in order to guard and maintain your weight.

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  1. Hmmmnnn, para na rin nyang sinabi, don't eat anything at all lol. JUst kidding.