Monday, August 26, 2013

Around the World in 10 Marathons


Part of running a Marathon is the months of training before the event.  Runners training in Australia can be sure to find all the training gear they need at Mick Simmons Sport. Once in the proper condition, one of the hottest trends for marathon runners is running marathons in foreign countries. Some runners even try to run a marathon on every continent. There are lots of great marathons to choose from all over the world. Here is a look at ten of the best marathons around the world.

1. Paris Marathon

This is one of the most scenic marathons in the world. The course runs along the banks of the Seine for most of its length, allowing runners to enjoy sites like the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. The runners finish in triumph near the Arc de Triomphe.

2. Boston Marathon

This is the oldest and most exclusive marathon in the United States. Almost every marathon runner has it on their bucket lists. Runners need to achieve a qualifying time in another marathon to gain entry into the Boston Marathon.

3. Virgin London Marathon

This is one of the largest marathons in the world. Around 30,000 people run the course that takes them along the scenic route. Runners will pass Big Ben, the Tower of London, Thames River, Tower Bridge and the London Eye. The route finishes in splendour at Buckingham Palace.

4. Athens Classic Marathon

This is one of the coolest of all the marathons around the world. It runs along the route that Pheidippides, an ancient Greek, took to deliver news of the Greek army’s defeat of the Persians. It is said that he died as soon as he delivered the news due to exhaustion, and his sacrifice running the first marathon has led to the delight of all the marathon runners today.

5. Rio de Janeiro Marathon

This is held during the heart of winter in the northern hemisphere, which makes it a great time to head to balmy Brazil to experience a run in the sun. Runners will get to experience running this marathon through colourful samba dancers and friendly crowds.

6. Vancouver Marathon

This is a marathon that brings back repeat participants year after year. The course changes every year, which keeps things fresh. The route always runs along the sea and through several of Vancouver’s beautiful parks.

7. Great Wall Marathon

This is one of the most unique marathons in the world. Participants will run along the Great Wall of China. It is a very rigorous run. The wall winds up and down, which will wear out runners legs quickly.

8. Big Five Marathon

Held in South Africa, the Big Five Marathon is run in the Entabeni Game Reserve. Runners will get to see zebras, gazelles and other wildlife along the course.

9. San Francisco Marathon

This marathon is like taking a guide tour of all the most famous sites in San Francisco. The course goes by Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, Haight-Ashbury, Bay Bridge and the Mission District.

10. Antarctica Marathon

This is the most extreme marathon in the world. Just finishing this course is a feat of extreme courage. The cold weather makes the race a brutal task that every runner who finishes it can proudly boast of.


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