Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Using Knee Scooter


Hi guys, I haven’t posted a lot ever since I suffered from laziness and depression which usually may come and go. I have also take care a cousin who suffered from diabetes wound and I make sure that she will be able to surpass it and prevents future amputation, now her condition is stable but as a precaution, her health and diet are now being monitored and we are hoping that the wounds in her feet will soon heal. 

Right now she wasn’t able to use her right foot and use crutches for support in mobility but as it turned out she gave up moving and walking around as she finds crutches so hard to walk around. I actually tested it myself and I almost got myself into accident by falling in the ground. Good thing I found out a convenient way to move around without crutches as she used knee scooter online I order for her so that she won’t force to step her wounded foot on the ground.

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