Monday, July 29, 2013

Start Cycling to Work: 5 Benefits of the Two Wheel Commute


The dreaded morning commute; aggressive horns, horrible drivers, loud music and a snail pace line of cars creeping into the CBD. It feels like it takes forever to get nowhere, only a few metres closer to the next grid-locked intersection – what's the point? You sit there and stare, and wait and indicate, and wait, looking out the window wistfully at the cycle path, virtually clear of a morning rush. You think about your own hybrid, parked under the house and gathering house, bought during a mid-winter health kick that never really took. There just aren't enough hours to squeeze in a post-work fitness regime. There are real, sanity-saving benefits to making the switch from motorised transportation to the carbon free bicycle.

Fuel…What Fuel?

You'll worry about the price at the bowser as your workday commute becomes physical; rising petrol prices, long lines on low price days and cost-matching will matter less, minimising the time you spend in your car and the amount of money you throw away on fluctuating charges. If you're a public transport fan, imagine a life without bus tickets, waiting around or missing your only way to work by two minutes? Sounds good, doesn't it?

Gym…What Gym?

With a morning and afternoon workout scheduled five days a week, forget a lazy gym membership and ongoing fees for a services you don't have time to use. It's not a regime, a workout plan or a quick-fit idea, cycling to work should be regarded as something you should do every day, like brushing your teeth. Taking the emphasis off the “exercise” will make it more enjoyable, even though you'll reap the physical benefits in the process.

Carbon…What Carbon?

Cycling to work is an active way to get on-board the environment train; cutting back on motorised commuting will contribute to a reduced cloud of smog, settling over the city of a particularly humid day and overall C02 levels; not only are you pedalling your way to a healthier you, riding to work saves the planet too!

Parking…What Parking?

Fighting for the final space in the company lot is a ritual many of us dread; the alternatives are costly and far in-between, charging a premium for road parking or robbing us blind with secure garage parking. The very latter is only available in city centres, so if you're a regional worker, you might end up parking a goodly distance from your workspace, almost defeating the purpose of driving to work anyway.

Feeling Down? Not Anymore!

Exercise has multiple benefits; while it tones your body and re-shapes those less desirable features, cycling can reduce stress directly or indirectly. Direct positive include an increased sense of wellbeing and self-worth, cultivating lasting feelings of achievement and competency. Cyclists also benefit from financial savings, allowing them to save for things they want and need, and generally have more time to spend with family, friends and partners, arriving home in a better mood. If you live within five to ten kilometres of work, put down the car keys, break out the old Merida(or buy a new one) and get on with life on two wheels.


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