Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ansina Whitening Sunblock Cream Spf 38 Review


Probably I’m the only one who use Ansina whitening sunblock because I cannot find any good review over the net. Well I just want to give a good head up for this product because it gives a good result for my face, and mind you I also put this on my arms and feet too.

Although the package is kinda scary because it is obviously made in China but I risk my face to try it when I first have it (comes as a freebies from beauty online store) and surprisingly I am satisfied.

I also give hubby 2 containers of this before he leave for Qatar since the environment there makes him more expose to the sun. What I love with this product is that the price is really really affordable as low as Php 100 to Php 150 only or approximately 2 to 3 dollars only and has 45 grams per container, bigger and lesser in price than any sunblock in the market.

ansina-whitening-sunblockAnsina has SPF 38, the highest among the sunblock that I previously use, although the cream itself is so thick but smooth when applied, and I need to put on some face powder after Ansina sunblock because it will make my face looks shiny and oilier.

It makes my face also a bit whither than my skin color on arms, so yeah I highly recommended this product.

and the result....
me with no makeup, no edit and no flash of cam


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