Thursday, May 16, 2013

Women and Libido: 5 Ways to Bring Sexy Back to Marriage


The belief that sex is unimportant in a marriage is a dangerous myth that erodes intimacy. Sexual encounters enable partners to experience closeness and vulnerability. Sex may not be everything, but an unfulfilling sex life can become a huge relationship issue.

Even in marriage, some couples feel more like roommates than spouses. Over time, they may lose the spark that once defined their relationship. Increasing the female libido is one way to bring sexy back to a marriage. While finding desire can seem daunting to some women, better sex may be just around the corner.

Here are five tips to help women and their partners find the elusive female libido. Couples who follow these suggestions are sure to succeed in bringing the sizzle back to the bedroom.

Communication may be the most important way to increase the female libido and keep it on track. Honest and open communication can help couples move from stale and boring sameness to new and exciting intimacy. Talking about the things they want to do in bed is a form of foreplay, and foreplay is especially important for female sexual arousal.

Everyone knows that variety is the spice of life, and this applies to the marital bed as much as anything else. When it comes to sex, couples can move beyond the same, comfortable positions to keep things exciting. Changing the time and place helps too. Variety revs up the sex drive for women and their husbands.

Confidence is sexy, and nothing damages the femalelibido more than lacking this important quality. Feeling unattractive can turn passionate desires into troublesome burdens. Women who find ways to build their confidence outside the bedroom can increase their unique sexual desires and abilities, as well as their appeal to their husbands. Inner confidence usually leads to sexual confidence and satisfaction.

Women who struggle with sexual arousal issues may expect their partners to know what arouses them. Men enjoy pleasing their wives, but they often need direction from the women. By taking the lead and guiding their partners, women can improve their own arousal and enjoy better sexual experiences.

Supplementation is another way to bring sexy back to a marriage. Sex toys, aphrodisiac foods and other arousal aids can break up the monotony of conventional sex. Sexual enhancement products may be just the thing to boost a woman’s libido and increase her arousal. New flavors and sensations can help couples rediscover the intimacy in their relationships. Shopping together for sexual enhancers increases the excitement.

Building a healthy sexual relationship takes a lot of time and effort, even for couples with years of marriage behind them. It does not happen overnight. Even strong relationships need help to keep the romance alive. By following these tips, women and their partners can renew their passion and keep the fires burning.


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