Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Pack Your Girlfriend’s Suitcase for a Secret Sunshine Escape


If you are planning a romantic gesture this year, or thinking further ahead for next year, there’s a chance you are considering a secret sunshine escape. Picture it for a minute, you get your girlfriend in the car, arrive at the airport and then tell her your amazing news - you’re going on a plane to an exotic location where you can relax on the beach and sit down to romantic meals in the evening.

She’s thrilled! Well at least until she realizes that you’ve packed her suitcase and then becomes terrified that she’s not going to have anything to wear or any makeup to put on when she’s dressing up. So if you are going to pack her bag, there are a few tips that might help you do the job properly. Here goes...

Think about day and night
The first thing to consider is that many girls like to wear something different in the daytime and nighttime. Days are all about pretty casual wear including bikinis, shorts and floaty summer dresses. Night times are more focused on sleek lines on skirts and dresses. And when it comes to shoes, flip flops are fine for the beach, but they aren’t ideal for an exclusive restaurant for a sit down meal!

Find some female help
If you’re struggling to tell the difference between a bikini and a bra, you might want to get a trusted woman to help you pack your girlfriend’s case. Ideally this would be her mother, sister or one of her best friends as they will tend to know what your girlfriend would choose to wear at certain times of the day. They’ll also consider extra details such as sunglasses and jewellery which might otherwise leave you baffled.

Don’t forget her necessities
Does your girlfriend usually follow a certain beauty routine? There’s a good chance that you won’t know exactly what she does each and every day, but it’ll probably go something like shower, makeup, hair, clothes. Of course, within these you’ll need to think about face wash, moisturizer and deodorant. Watch her more closely over the next couple of days and see which items are key to her routine. Remember that she might do something a little differently abroad such as using suntan lotion or an extra strength hair conditioner.

Remember the right travel documents
There’s a lot to remember when you are traveling abroad without having to bring everything for your girlfriend too - it’s worth it though when you end up having the time of your lives. So the last thing to consider is the travel documentation you are bringing with you. You’ll need passports, visas where necessary, travel money and insurance - including both of your EHIC cards if you are staying within the European Union. Then you’ll need your plane tickets, transfer documentation, as well as that of your chosen accommodation. Keep this all together in a folder if you want to make sure you have everything organized.

About the author
Bianca Aguila is a freelance fashion writer from the UK. Her favourite wardrobe pieces include a vintage leather jacket (because of how great it looks with all of her pretty summer dresses) and her t-shirts from various gigs and festivals over the years.


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