Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sofia Vergara – Steal Her Style

Sofia Vergara

Whether she’s just out for a stroll in the daytime or stepping onto the red carpet for a film premiere, the stunning actress Sofia Vergara never looks anything less than head-to-toe fabulous. Her glamorous and colourful fashion choices in the last couple of years have made the star of ABC’s Modern Family series quite the style icon, and here’s how you can steal her look.
Embrace your curves
The key to dressing like the Columbian goddess herself is to embrace your figure. Sofia Vergara is naturally very curvy, despite claims that she has had breast enlargement surgery or undergone any other cosmetic procedure. She is the classic hourglass shape, and she embraces and celebrates this in everything she wears. If you’re equally curvy, follow Sofia’s example and make sure you show off your best assets when dressing to impress.
Red carpet glamour
On the red carpet, the actress loves fitted fishtail dresses which cinch her in at the waist and flaunt just the right amount of her enviable cleavage. You will also never see Sofia in anything that doesn’t fit her like a glove, so make sure you have the same high standards when emulating her red-carpet look for yourself.
Colour is another of Sofia’s wardrobe staples. She often wears bright, bold colours, and the looks she chooses express her vivacious and vibrant personality perfectly. Here’s what Sofia herself had to say about her love of colour when talking to InStyle: “If you have great skin, wear lots of colour. Colour always makes women scared, but when they try it they realise it makes them look good. It’s important—I think colour helps a lot with the look.”
Work your best feature
Sofia’s philosophy on fashion is that you need to work with what you’ve got. So, if you’ve got super-long, slim legs, make sure you show them off in a mini-skirt or short dress. If you’ve got a great cleavage or have recently had breast implants, make this part of your body your standout feature.
“Every woman has something. Nobody looks like a Miss Universe or a supermodel but you have something—like you have a great pair of legs or great cleavage or a great waist or the colouring of your skin is great—you have to work with that.”
The last thing you can do to steal Sofia Vergara’s glamourpuss style is to be smart with accessories. The actress uses accessories like a beautiful pair of earrings or a statement necklace to distract from other things, like a blemish or a bad hair day.


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