Monday, March 25, 2013

Rose Gold Craze


After several days of passing into the sidewalk where rose gold vendors are everywhere and always jam packed with clients I decided to give it a try also because I am curious why many are buying this cheap jewelry

According to saleslady rose gold is cheap yet the color doesn’t fade away from water except from perfume and alcohols. Their colors is good too, and seeing it by far looks also a real gold karat jewelry, and the price was just like buying my own refreshment of diet soda and cheap sandwich, so why not give it a shot and give up my fattening snack.

Have you tried this rose gold? How was the quality after some time?


  1. actually, i'm quite flabbergasted with this current hype for rose gold. at first, the color strikes me as uber striking, yet, very sophisticated pala ang color nia when i get to see a very nice watch in rose gold.

  2. so this is not a real gold, but it looks like one